I understand you’re looking for a wedding photographer but here are the common problems you run into while looking around. Issues like how much fun is the photographer? Do they have any personality or a sense of humor? Will the photographer stay as long as needed or bail the second eight hours is up, and the first dance hasn’t even been photographed yet? Does the photographer have the necessary gear to capture your day, with a backup just in case? Can the photographer be your trusted advisor and help guide your day and keep it stress-free?

Here’s why I’m different: I AM your trusted advisor. I’ve been photographing weddings for ten plus years, which gives me the advantage to handle your day stress-free and with ease. Here’s why I’m awesome: I used to be a bartender back when I had hair, so I know what fun looks like. I have a fun sense of humor and enough personality to make your dad smile. Most times, while riding on the party bus, I can get your crazy groomsman to swing around on the stripper pole. Here’s why I’ll take care of you: your day means a lot to me. I’m a historian, and I’m capturing your story for future generations to see. It’s up to me to show the hugs, the smiles, the tears that unfold on your day. Check out my images below and if you’re ready to set up a meeting to discuss your big day, send me a message. I’d love to hear about your plans.