I’m Darrin, and I’m your unique, fun, and creative wedding photographer.

My background is different from other photographers. I was a bartender for 30 plus years before becoming a professional photographer, and one thing that sets me apart is I’ve paid attention to people from behind the bar—noticing their mannerisms, their happiness, and their high fives. Those moments helped me transition into weddings when I picked up a camera. I can handle the craziest of crazy fun weddings. I’ve learned to fly by the seat of my pants and never stress. I know by experience what fun looks like, whether it’s you and a group of your bridesmaids on the dance floor or someone swinging around on the stripper pole inside a party bus. You’ll want to remember all those candid moments with your family and friends, and I’m the photographer that can capture them.

Send me a message if you’re looking for a unique, fun and creative wedding photographer